At Castle Vets we offer various Pet Health Plans to suit your pet’s needs. Our plan’s objectives are to provide you with all your pet’s vaccinations, health checks and flea and worm treatments throughout their life. We believe in a preventative approach to healthcare identifying any health concerns before they become an issue.

Pet health plans cover the cost of preventative care of your pets. It avoids the need for expensive initial costs and upfront fees particularly when you get your new puppy. Instead the pet health plans spread the cost of healthcare over 12 months at significantly discounted rates. 

It is important to realise that Pet Insurance is different from a Pet Health Plan at Castle Vets.  Pet Insurance is useful in covering unforeseen accidents and illnesses but won’t cover the costs of any routine healthcare.  So in actual fact our Pet Health Plans work well alongside pet insurance and cover the costs of your pet’s annual routine healthcare which can be specifically tailored to your pet’s needs.

Please call us on 01-4640499 if you would like more information on any of our health plans.